About Woodstock Wesleyan

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Pastoral Team

Dale MacDonald

Lead Pastor


Neil Horner

Associate Pastor


Ryan Genereaux

Youth/Communications Pastor


Marleigh Genereaux

Children’s Pastor


Jake Balser

Summer Student



We believe that God has revealed himself through the Bible as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and that He sent his only son Jesus to show us the way to God and how to live in relationship with Him.

Because Jesus was willing to die for our sins, we are no longer bound by the same empty patterns of life but we can experience salvation through faith in Him. Through this relationship we find peace that the world can’t provide, purpose for living and the hope of eternal life.

Becoming a Christian is not about religion, but about living in relationship with God through obedience to His Word & following His ways, in community with other believers.

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The history of the Woodstock Wesleyan Church began in 1882 when a committee of the Main Street Baptist Church in Woodstock was appointed to seek out and purchase a suitable lot for the erection of a new church.

In January of 1883 the lot on which the Woodstock Wesleyan Church used to stand (705 Main Street) was purchased for the sum of $600. The building committee then employed HN Black, architect of Saint John, NB to prepare plans which were subsequently adopted.

The work was begun on July 1, 1883 and proceeded until September 1, 1884, when the contractor refused to build further upon finding that the job would not allow him to make a profit.

During the summer of 1885 members of the building committee completed the vestry, the steeples, the tower and part of the exterior.

When a public meeting of holiness supporters was called to meet in Woodstock on November 1, 1888, following the recent disfellowshipping of five Free Christian Baptist ministers, the vestry of the new Baptist Church was made available for this purpose.

Immediately following the organization of the Reformed Baptist Church, the remaining members of the Baptist Church met and by mutual consent, disorganized their church and conveyed the unfinished church building, together with the debt of $3,334 to the newly organized Reformed Baptist Church.

On June 7, 1903 the completed church was dedicated during the pastorate of Rev. WB Wiggins.

In 1993 Rev. Dale MacDonald became Lead Pastor after having served the church as the Assistant/Associate Pastor since 1983 and has served until the present.

Aging and limited facilities became a focus of discussion as one factor to the growth pattern struggles so a decision was made to purchase and relocate to the Mid Valley Co-op Property at 340 Lockhart Mil Road in Jacksonville, NB.

The dedication of the new church took place on February 20, 2011.