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Want to dig a little deeper? Here are some classes you can take. Once you register, a password will be sent to you to enroll.

Ready to Wed – Premarital Class

If there’s anything you don’t need when you’re about to get married, it’s one more thing to do, but this class will help you understand why you’re getting married, how to stay that way, and how to enjoy it to the fullest. That’s because you’ll learn what’s vital to a healthy relationship, keys to working out your differences, and what God considers most important in “holy matrimony.”

Kingswood Learn

Kingswood Learn is a free platform that provides access to high-quality, engaging, and practical micro courses. Kingswood University’s mission is to raise up Christ-like servant leaders that will be effective ministers wherever they have opportunity to serve, and we are convinced that Kingswood Learn is going to be an essential tool in fulfilling that mission.

Micro courses are short courses designed to deliver very practical content in a format that easily fits into a busy schedule. Each course will have several lessons that expand on the topic. Each lesson will have a short video teaching followed by practical exercises and application that you will have the option to complete.

Discovering your SHAPE

This course is for if you want to explore how God has uniquely gifted you, created you, and prepared you to serve others in Jesus’ name in his kingdom. God loves you and invites you to work alongside him in what he is doing in our church, our community, & our world.